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NSW Rates Officer Training

Specialist training for NSW Rates Officers - a "pressure-cooker" course covering all aspects of this position.

We will run a course especially for your Council!
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Our next scheduled course will be in Wagga Wagga from 9th - 12 April.
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Government Securities Interest Rates for the calculation of present values for employee benefits and other discounted cash flow calculations as at 31 December 2017. click here.
For 30 June 2017 - click here.
For previous year rates click here

We wish everyone the best as they enter this challenging period, and will provide all the assistance that we can.

2017 SA Financial Statements templates

2017 Annual Financial Statements templates - released 5 June 2017.
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2017 Model Statements available for download - click here

2017 NT Financial Statements templates

2017 NT Annual Financial Statements templates - released 5 June 2017. .
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SA Annual Statements Training Courses

Our training course schedule for 2017 has now been completed - for further information click here


Coalface® Cluebooks™ are an entirely new concept in the provision of practical assistance to Council staff.
References to legislation, regulations, circulars and case law are located together in logical topic order, to permit you to quickly get to the heart of the problem and identify the authoritative source.
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We are proud to announce that the SALG Financial Management Group Inc. have appointed Coalface as sole distributors of the Long Term Financial Planning model developed to their specifications.

This Model is distributed free of charge to all SA Councils, and is being made available to Councils in other States at nominal cost.

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